30+ Years of Expressive Designs

Charlie Rose and Dan Peeler have celebrated over 30 successful years in the film and television industry as production designers, animators, and puppeteers.

As master illustrators, Charlie Rose and Dan Peeler have perfected their skills with years of experience in the television industry to create cartoon style designs and prints for both the corporate and educational arenas.

Over their extensive career, Dan and Charlie have developed and produced animated or live action series and specials for Sesame Street, the Disney Channel and PBS among others. Having collaborated with numerous corporations, they created and redesigned memorable characters such as Chuck E Cheese beginning in the Mid-1990s. The team has also animated popular cereal characters for Kellogg's.

From illustrative teaching tools and e-books to corporate logo ID, Peeler-Rose Designs sets the standard in illustrative medias and remain flexible to market changes and client passions.



Teaching Tools for the Classroom

Dan Peeler and Charlie Rose are long-time educators of children, having been producers, writers, designers, and animators for television series such as Sesame Street. Stories and lessons are available in several formats such as PowerPoint, e-books, QuickTime movies, and more.

Design, Animation and Illustration

Peeler-Rose Productions has mastered vector art using Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop in character logo and web art designs. (Think…Chuck E Cheese branding) Establish your place in a competitive global marketplace with customized character logo design.

Children's Art Workshops

Peeler-Rose Productions offers complete workshops and affordable entertainment for art centers and museums. Activities and workshops emphasize how things move such as kinetic sculptures and puppetry.