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Peeler-Rose Designs has mastered vector art using Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop in character logo and web art designs. If you need something that is digital-based, we can help. Whether it be basic scanning, a photo retouch, or original graphic designs, we can enhance your current project or create an original design that captures the image you want to convey.

With our expertise in character logo design, most of our clients come to us because of the touch of whimsy unique to our characters. We redesigned the Chuck E Cheese national restaurant logo and the entire cast of supporting characters during the 1990 s with tremendous success.

Logos are universally understood symbols for businesses and corporations alike. What weary, hungry traveler could ever mistake The Golden Arches? Logos build customer awareness and bring instant recognition of your company. Almost everything you purchase and see today utilizes vector art and graphics in their logo art designs.

Websites, billboards, packaging, and children's clothes depend on graphic design and artwork to build brand recognition. Peeler-Rose can help you establish your place in a competitive marketplace with your customized character logo design.